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Ballooning 101

A "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Riding on a Cloud" are two phrases that have been used to describe the beauty & exhilaration of ballooning. Floating gently on the breeze, you will travel at wind speed for approximately 45 minutes. Along the way, you are likely to see wildlife and chat briefly with onlookers on the ground.

The Fan

Your adventure begins at sunrise for a morning flight or about two hours before sunset on an evening flight. Upon arrival at the launch site, you'll receive a pre-flight briefing to learn more about our balloon and how it flies. During your flight, our chase crew will follow the balloon and be there to help us celebrate our safe return to Mother Earth!

The Flame

In the 18th Century, the Montgolfier brothers made the first balloons from paper and inflated them with "magic smoke" from their fire.  Hot air balloons actually get their lift from the pressure difference between the hot air inside the envelope and the cooler air outside.  Today's balloons are made from tough, heat resistant ripstop nylon.  We use safe and dependable dual propane burners to heat the air inside.

The Flight

Hot air balllooning is the safest form of flight known to man. We have 30 years of experience and are certified and licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. We fly Cameron Balloons®, the very best equipment available. Each balloon is inspected regularly to insure it remains in perfect working order.

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